17th International Café

The Office of International Programs and Services hosted their 17th International Café (iCafé) yesterday, prepping for the 34th annual Mason International Week (iWeek). iCafé is a student led mini festival, that features at least 5 countries and one U.S. state. This month iCafé highlighted India, Nigeria, Morocco, Malaysia, China and the state of Indiana.

Centered in Patriots Lounge in Student Union Building 1, iCafé showcases different cultures, languages, music, traditional games, and a variety of teas, and other snacks from all around the world. The event is held twice a semester and is open to both domestic and international students, as well as Mason faculty and staff.

This year, the Office of Women and Gender Studies and the Office of Counseling and Psychological Services joined the celebration. They highlighted Pride Week events and mindful eating habits, respectively.

“This is my third time at iCafé, I love learning about different countries, I enjoy listening to people speak proudly of their own country. And the sweets are extremely good!” said Mason senior Pavithraa Sivasubramani.

Sonya Henry, Assistant Director for Programming for the Office of International Programs and Services, explained, “this is an opportunity for domestic and international students to connect and share cultures. iCafé truly highlights the diversity at Mason.”

iCafé jumpstarts the celebration of iWeek 2015 which will be April 9th through April 18th. For a full list of iWeek events check out the calendar.


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