A co-authored message from Rose Pascarell, VP of University Life and Amy Takayama-Pérez, Dean of Admissions

George Mason University is aware of objections by some members of our community to the admission of a student whose presence they believe would create an unsafe and threatening environment due to the student’s alleged expression of support for neo-Nazi and white supremacy ideology.

Mason leaders understand the community’s objections. We want to again reiterate that we are wholly committed to maintaining a safe, welcoming, inclusive, and respectful learning environment. We understand that some in our community hold beliefs that are antithetical to Mason’s stated values.

It will be unavoidable that some students will engage in a way that is contrary to our institutional values. Mason has a very clearly outlined Code of Student Conduct and behavioral requirements for admitted students. Mason will not only uphold these codes and requirements but also act accordingly if made aware that any member of our student body has broken the law or university policy. In cases where the actions of a Patriot, while not breaking policies or laws, cause great concern within our community there may not be a path to legal or disciplinary action. But we believe there is still an important opportunity not to be missed. We, as educators, can use the tools available to us to guide these students in critically examining and understanding the potential impact of their decisions and actions. To that end, we urge you to keep informing us when you witness behavior that falls short of Mason’s standards; We also ask you to remember that intervention can take many forms, and we will employ every resource available to us to bring about a positive change in a situation. If you would like to report an incident of bias you can do so here: https://campusclimate.gmu.edu/report-an-incident/bias-incidents-and-the-reporting-protocol/

Mason is reviewing this matter. Due to extreme personal sensitivities that touch everyone involved, we do not anticipate having any more specific comment on this situation.

Rose Pascarell , VP of University Life

Amy Takayama-Pérez, Dean of Admissions

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