Its that time of year!

Every school year Mason’s campus is flooded with thousands of newly admitted freshmen and transfer students and for many students this simply means it’s a new year and time for classes to begin, but for men and women in our fraternity & sorority community this also means it’s recruitment time. Each year, especially in the fall, fraternities and sororities seek out new talented leaders and scholars to join their ranks through their respective recruitment and intake processes. For some, joining a Fraternity or Sorority may not be on their list of things to do but for hundreds of others here at Mason it is, and for good reason. Fraternities and Sororities provide an experience unlike any other organization. They provide a training ground for leaders to develop their skillset, instill a sense of belonging, and educate their members on what it means to live values based lives. This is not to say other organizations don’t provide some of these same benefits, but many don’t especially beyond the undergraduate years. This is what makes the fraternal experience so special, a lifelong commitment to a larger cause and being a better you.  For these reasons it’s understandable why so many students choose to join these great organizations and why each year our department receives a number of phone calls, emails, and meeting requests from students wanting to know how to choose and join a fraternity or sorority.  Every year, I like to offer up these three tips to any student interested in joining:

  • 1st Be yourself
    Each student will have that first meeting with a brother or sister of a fraternity or sorority, whether through a chance encounter around campus, at an organization fair, or at a recruitment event. For many this will be nerve-wracking as the feeling of a need to impress becomes more and more daunting. For those students feeling this way the best advice I can offer is to be yourself, or better yet the best version of yourself. I know this sounds cliché but this is a lifetime commitment and to be sure that the organization is a fit for you, you have to make sure you fit in that organization.
  • 2nd Follow your heart
    Again, cliché I know, but good advice is good advice.  For some students they may have had an idea of what organization they’ve wanted to join for as long as they can remember. This may be because someone in their family is a member or they have had positive interactions with a member out in the community. Either way I highly encourage every student to explore his or her options and when you’ve found the one for you you’ll know in your heart that it’s the place for you. Just like when buying a car, you shop around and once you’ve sat behind the wheel of the right car you know there is  no other choice.
  • 3rd No outside influences
    We’ve all seen different stories on the news and different shows that portray fraternities and sororities in a less than positive light. For incoming students they will also be subject to the thoughts and opinions, both positive and negative, of their friends, classmates, and even professors. Filtering through all of this information to decide what is true and relevant can be difficult but my advice is to always rely on your own thoughts and opinions. Of course I encourage you to make an educated decision by researching the benefits of membership, their values, and what their philanthropic focus is. At the end of the day though the decision is yours and yours alone and so to be happy and confident in your decision it needs to be fully yours.

If you are reading this and are thinking about joining a fraternity or sorority I wish you well during your search and if you know someone else who is, I encourage you to share these tips with them as well.

Recruitment Info

Panhellenic Council Fall Sorority Recruitment
 September 19th – 23rd
– Visit to register for recruitment
– For more information about the Panhellenic Council and the recruitment process visit

Interfraternity Council Fall Fraternity Recruitment
 September 15th – 20th
– Visit to register for recruitment.
– For more information about the Interfraternity Council and their upcoming events visit

Multicultural Council Intake & Recruitment Process
– MGC intake & recruitment processes are determined by each individual chapter.
– For more information about the Multicultural Greek Council and their upcoming events visit

National Pan Hellenic Council Intake Process
– NPHC intake is determined by each individual chapter.
– For more information about the National Pan-Hellenic Council and their upcoming events visit

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