Mason Lobbies Richmond on Thursday on Key Higher Ed Issues

Some 150 George Mason University students and staff members will caravan to Richmond on buses Thursday in an effort to educate state elected officials on George Mason and higher education’s issues.

Each of the Mason representatives took a mandatory 30-minute training class earlier in the week to learn details about the issues facing Mason in particular and higher education in general. They also received pointers on how to convincingly impart information on the issues to the elected representatives they would meet.

“I do think it makes an impression on a legislator that students from Mason are engaged and paying attention to the process,” says Sabena Moretz, manager of Mason’s state government relations. “We work very hard to match up student groups so that each member will see their own constituents, as well as some out-of-state and international students. It brings a realization right to their doors that the Mason community is engaged and paying attention to activities at the state level.”

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