Mason Students Demonstrate in Support of Michael Brown

About 150 George Mason University students staged a peaceful protest on the Fairfax Campus on Monday, Dec. 1, in solidarity with Michael Brown—the teenager shot and killed by a Ferguson, Mo., police officer in August.

Starting on the North Plaza between the clock and the Johnson Center, the students dropped to the ground and used their bodies in what organizers called a “die-in,” as a form of demonstration for about 15 minutes. Seniors Christina “Liz” Lee and Donna Smith then asked the students to enter the Johnson Center, and disperse in groups along the floors above the atrium. Some students held signs declaring “Where is the justice?” “Stand with the people of Ferguson” and “It is right to rebel.”

“The turnout is absolutely amazing,” said Lee, who’s from Fairfax. “We just put this together in 24 hours. Everyone was more than willing to participate.” She told the demonstrators: “This situation is not just about Ferguson… or black and brown… this happens in Fairfax… D.C. …  Virginia… Maryland.”

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