Response to attacks in Pakistan, 3/29/16

Subject: Recent world events

This past weekend, a suicide blast killed over 70 people, and injured at least 341, in a crowded park in Lahore, Pakistan.  Just last week, a series of attacks took place in Brussels. With the October bombings in Ankara, Turkey; the Paris bombings in November; and acts of violence around the globe in 2016, our world continues to experience tragic and violent loss of lives.

At this time, we have no faculty in the specific regions that have been hardest hit by violence; nor do we have any student programs or student-reported independent study or related travel in those areas. If you know of anyone from the Mason community who may be in the area of the attacks, please let University Life know at 703-993-8760.

Our condolences and heartfelt sympathy goes to those who have been impacted by these tragic events. We know that members of our Mason community may be connected to the international community through friends and family. We write to remind you that support is available for students through the offices of the Division of University Life, including Counseling and Psychological Services and the Office of International Programs and Services. All University Life resources can be identified and accessed through

Faculty and staff resources are available through the Employee Assistance Program, which can be accessed through your employer-sponsored health insurance. Details can be found on the benefits website at

Although we cannot change the recent events, our responses to those events can define us and change our community and the world. This is the time to care for one another and to live up to our highest values. Members of our Mason community come from every U.S. state and from more than 120 countries. Through our differences as well as our commonalities, we enrich each other and our shared learning.
Sincerely yours,

Rose Pascarell, Vice President, University Life
S. David Wu, Provost and Executive Vice President

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