University Life created this website as a resource for engagement; inspired by the words of University Life’s Diversity, Inclusion and Multicultural Education & LGBTQ+ Resources: “NOW is the time to take action. NOW is the time to have those uncomfortable conversations. NOW is the time to engage in and read about anti-racism. NOW is the time to ask, what are we doing to center people and lives that are often not included and systemically vulnerable?”

It is just a beginning. We will continue to add to the information as it becomes available to us. We will continue to evolve in our work towards racial justice. But, if you are here, search through this site and use the provided information to find ways to act, whether in self-reflection or advocacy. Together we can engage in allyship, and accompliceship, and see racial justice and an end to police brutality against Black Americans realized.

Action Items


Register to vote


Educate yourself on what it means to be anti-racist.

Be mindful of the Black experience. Hear what others have to say

Learn more about allyship and being an accomplice for Black lives


Connect with the Mason community. Important conversations and events.

Screenshot, share, and repost resources to educate those around you

Support Black-owned businesses

Continue to donate to fund and support initiatives you care about if you have the means

Large rock with pride rainbow background and "Black Lives Matter" painted on it

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