Turn Off the Violence Week 2013

Coming this October is the annual Turn off the Violence Week!  Join the WAVES office and the rest of the Mason community in helping to spread awareness and end domestic violence and sexual assault. This week will also include the Clothesline Project, Take Back the Night Rally & Survivors’ Speak Out, Wellness Wednesday, Legacy Of Rape Panel, and Flash Lectures. A full listing of events can be found here on facebook, and on the WAVES calendar. Here is a sampling of the week’s activities:

The Clothesline Project. October 7th – 10th 10 AM – 4 PM. The Clothesline Project was developed in 1990 as an effort to raise awareness about sexual and intimate partner violence. The project involves decorating t-shirts as a way to educate the community about the reality of violence and also as a tool for survivors to know they are not alone. The Mason community has been participating in this endeavor for the last 17 years and over 500 shirts have been made in support. Whether you are a survivor or a supporter, you are encouraged are to make a t-shirt! Even if you do not choose to design a shirt, feel free to come out to the walkway between SUB I and Fenwick to see the powerful shirts created by your fellow patriots. Some of the messages written by Mason community members are:

  • “I am a rape survivor.  I am a man.  It can happen to Anyone.”
  • “I was raped by a “friend.” Talk about it! It will help.”
  • “Just b-cuz I didn’t scream “no” doesn’t mean I was thinking “yes”…”
  • “I know that you have kept others silent.  But not me.  Never me… Speak.  Tell.  Silence makes the monsters stronger.”
  • “I love u.  What he did will never change that.”

Take Back the Night & Survivors’ Speak Out. October 8th 7:30 PM. The Feminist Student Organization along with support from the Women and Gender Studies Department and WAVES are hosting this year’s Take Back the Night. The Take Back the Night Foundation was created in 2001 to advocate against sexual violence and promote awareness, empowerment, healing, and support. This rally will include speakers, performances, and a march through campus to raise awareness of sexual violence.  The intent of the rally is to create a safe environment and to celebrate the night without fear of assault. The rally also serves to promote awareness of sexual violence to the Mason community. After the rally, WAVES will host a Survivors’ Speak Out to create a safe space for survivors to openly discuss their experiences. Regardless if it is a recent or past experience, all survivors are welcome to seek and offer support and encouragement.

Wellness Wednesday. October 9th 12 PM – 2PM at the Clothesline Project

Legacy of Rape Panel. October 9th 7 PM at the Arlington Campus

Flash Lectures. This year will be a kick off year for flash lectures at the Clothesline Project. We’ll have talented and passionate members from across the Mason community discussing gender based violence, interpersonal violence on a global scale, and theories of masculinity.

Services are available to Mason survivors of interpersonal violence all year round through WAVES.

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