Mason's Resilience Badging Challenge workshop is a five-week blended workshop (a combination of online and in-person sessions).  During the workshop, participants will acquire and demonstrate skills such as problem solving, decision making, flexibility and adaptability in an interactive way.

This workshop is a partnership between George Mason University and the Education Design Lab.

Why Badging?

According an Economist Intelligence Unit report (2015), "problem solving, team working, and communication (commonly known as "21st century skills") are the most-needed skills in the workplace." To meet this need, in Spring 2016 Mason launched the Resilience Badging Challenge. Activities include StrengthsFinder, 360 Checkster Assessment and T-Profile. So far 26 students successfully completed the challenge.

Fall 2017 Workshop

The Fall 2017 workshop registration has closed.

If you are interested in participating in a future workshop, please email Lewis E. Forrest, II at

Online module with videos, guiding questions and tools

Online module with videos, guiding questions and tools

Online module with videos, guiding questions and tools

Student Reactions

The Mason's Resilience Badging Challenge was an inspiring workshop that pushed me to become more aware about growing and being a better person, even if resiliency is a life-long journey (as are many things). - Spring 2017 participant

The Facilitator

Lewis E. Forrest II, is currently an Associate Dean for University Life at George Mason University. Within University Life, Lewis supervises three units and serves on several campus wide committees and initiatives. Many of the initiatives are specific to Well-Being and student engagement. He is an Alum of Mason ('96) receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in African-American Studies, and a Master’s degree in Counseling and Development from the College of Education and Human Development ('05).

Spring 2017 Workshop

Lewis E. Forrest, II (Facilitator)

Spring 2017 Workshop

Spring 2017 Workshop

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Education Design Lab

The Patriot Experience captures students' involvement through four different pathway areas: Well-being, Career Readiness, Civic Learning and Community Engagement and Global and Multicultural Competency

The Mason's Resilience Badging Challenge counts as credit toward the Patriot Experience Well-being Pathway!

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