WGST Director and Professor, Dr. Hattery and Sociologist Dr. Smith will deliver the plenary session at the 2019 NASPA Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Conference

Dr. Angela Hattery and Dr. Earl Smith

Women and Gender Studies Director and Professor, Dr. Angela J. Hattery and Sociologist Dr. Earl Smith – set to deliver the plenary session at the 2019 NASPA Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Conference: A NASPA Strategies Conference. The title of their talk, “I Was Attacked by My Classmate, But it was My College that did the Most Harm: The Role of Institutions in Perpetuating Gender Based Violence” is based on the research they conducted and compiled for the newest book, Gender, Power and Violence: Responding to Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence in Society Today.

Dr. Hattery and Dr. Smith’s research focuses on the role of institutional structures, including elements of total institutions, fraternal bonds, hypermasculinity, and internal systems of justice play in creating cultures ripe for sexual and intimate partner violence and child sexual abuse. They will demonstrate how these same structures can be leveraged and re-purposed to reduce gender based violence and child sexual abuse. While the presentation will focus on college campuses, it will also demonstrate the ways in which understanding commonalities across institutions as varied as the military, prisons, sports, the Catholic Church, politics, and even Hollywood can help us better manage gender based violence on the campuses where we live and work. The presentation will conclude with the new Title IX rules proposed by the Department of Education.

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