UL Vision, Mission, and Values Statements





To engage students in educationally purposeful experiences resulting in student learning and development, academic success, and degree completion. It does so by (1) fostering self-discovery and teaching students to navigate transitions throughout their Mason experience; (2) engaging our diverse, global, and multicultural community to enrich the educational environment, promote mutual respect and civility, and develop global citizens; (3) empowering students to be socially conscious leaders and promoting democratic and civic engagement; (4) educating students about individual and community responsibility and holding them accountable for ethical practices, academic integrity and high standards of personal conduct; (5) promoting wellness, healthy lifestyle choices, and a culture of safety; (6) creating opportunities and communities for student involvement and engagement with peers, faculty, staff, and administrators; and (7) embodying lifelong learning.


Core Values

TOGETHER, we achieve our mission through an unwavering commitment to our values:

  • Inclusion and Equity

We are committed to cultivating an environment of engagement, connection, and belonging that is respectful and fair for everyone.

  • Leadership for Positive Change

We are committed to cultivating leaders who critically examine and understand the potential impact of their decisions and act ethically.

  • Well-Being

We are committed to cultivating an environment of understanding and fulfillment of both individual and community well-being that promotes purpose, vitality, engagement, and resilience.

  • Collaborative Community

We are committed to cultivating a supportive network of colleagues that shares ideas, learns and creates together, and develops authentic connections.

  • Strategic Transformation

We are committed to dynamic action in creating meaningful solutions to anticipate and meet the needs of an ever-changing community


University Life Strategic Plan