Mission and Values


University Life engages students in educationally purposeful experiences resulting in student learning and development, academic success, and degree completion. University Life will:

  1. Foster self discovery and teach students to successfully navigate transitions throughout their Mason experience.
  2. Create opportunities and communities for student learning, involvement and engagement with peers, faculty, staff and administrators.
  3. Engage Mason’s diverse, global and multicultural community to enrich the educational environment, promote mutual respect and civility, and develop global citizens.
  4. Foster individual and community responsibility and hold students accountable for ethical practices, academic integrity and high standards of personal conduct.
  5. Empower students to be socially conscious leaders committed to democratic and civic engagement.
  6. Promote wellness, healthy lifestyle choices, and a culture of safety.
  7. Embody lifelong learning

University Life Core Values

University Life Strategic Plan

We prepare Mason students for the demands of work, social responsibility, and life in an ever-changing global society.

University Life’s mission statement is core to our work.  We support every student at Mason, from orientation through graduation.  The goals and actions of the University Life Strategic Plan are informed by changing student demographics, attention to increasingly complex student needs, and the overall goal of post-graduate success and well-being in life and career. Further, our plan is meant to provide a clear path forward, one that is critical to achieving student success.

UL Strategic Plan updated Dec 2017

Your insights are appreciated!  Please send any you may have to ulplan@gmu.edu.