About Us

University Life (UL) cares for the whole student by promoting inclusive well-being and fostering lifelong learning to prepare ethical leaders for the world.

Our four strategic goals and accompanying strategies serve as guideposts for all UL professional staff and well over 1,000 undergraduate and graduate student assistants over the next four years in delivering an exceptional student experience where EVERY STUDENT SUCCEEDS.

  1. Inclusive Thriving Communities: We will cultivate a thriving community where students actively engage across difference and make meaningful connections through shared humanity.
  2. Engage All Students: We intentionally engage all students by providing transformative learning experiences and diverse leadership development opportunities.
  3. Holistic Student Support Services: University Life will reimagine and implement comprehensive service delivery models for students to support their well-being, safety, and success.
  4. Organizational Excellence: We will optimize our organizational health and position ourselves as change leaders by prioritizing resources with a specific focus on continuing digital transformation to support the success of 21st-century students.