University Life Leadership and Staff

Rose Pascarell, Vice President for University Life
Laura Bell, Executive Assistant for the Vice President

Dr. Pam Patterson, Associate Vice President
Dr. Creston Lynch, Assistant Vice President
Kirk Vandebrooke, Assistant Vice President
Juliet Blank-Godlove, Dean of Students

Dr. Sally Lorentson, Associate Dean
Dr. Rachel Wernicke, Associate Dean and Chief Mental Health Officer
Lewis Forrest, Associate Dean
Alissa Karton, Assistant to the Vice President and Director of Special Projects
Amy Snyder, Director of Staff Experience
Julio Diaz, Officer Manager for University Life
Jessica Viricochea, Administrative Assistant for University Life

More than 350 dedicated and experienced professional staff members work in the division with the common goal of ensuring the success of Mason’s students. University Life staff bring a depth and breadth of expertise to their roles benefiting students and the university community. Staff members frequently make presentations at conferences of their professional organizations and strive to follow the standards for the student affairs professions set out by the Council for Advancement of Standards in Higher Education.

For more information, contact Alissa Karton.