Black/African Heritage Month: Lucid Dreams of Our Ancestors

Black/African Heritage Month Events 2020

George Mason University is celebrating Black/African Heritage month with a host of events all throughout the month of February.
This month’s theme is “Lucid Dreams of Our Ancestors.” In recent years, the quote “We are our Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams” became very popular and was seen and adopted by peoples of many cultures and backgrounds. This year, our students honor the rich,regal, wonderfully powerful, and deeply moving LUCID DREAMS OF OUR ANCESTORS; by being visible, taking up space, producing programs, exercising artistic self-expression, all while collectively working towards excellence and oneness.

The History of Black History Month
Founded by Dr. Carter G. Woodson, the United States began its recognition of black history in 1926 with the celebration of “Negro History Week” The week was initially created to recognize the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, both of which are in February. In 1976, the celebration was expanded to be inclusive of the entire month of February. George Mason University proudly upholds the celebration of what we call Black/African Heritage Month by hosting annual events that are educational, inspirational, and inclusive of the diversity of the George Mason University Community.

VISIT or click the attachment to find the list of programs. Please note that there are several events happening during the month of February, not just those listed on our calendar. If you would like our office to share or promote any of your already planned programs during Black/African Heritage Month, please email with a graphic and a brief event description. We will be happy to share on our social media outlets. Please come out to support our students!

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