Fall Semester 2020 Event Restrictions

The event restrictions for the Fall 2020 semester have been created in the spirit of public health and safety, to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

  • Students may not host or attend any in-person events or gatherings off-campus where more than ten people are present.
  • Students may only attend events or gatherings where more than ten people are present if they occur either virtually or on-campus. All on-campus events must follow approved university guidelines.  All requests for group event exceptions must be submitted through the university event exceptions process for committee review.
  • These restrictions pertain to events and gatherings that are both planned and spontaneous.
  • These restrictions apply to all events, including those hosted and organized by Mason student organizations and teams.
  • Exceptions:  The University recognizes that there may be unique life situations that occur.  The requirements listed above do not apply to the following gatherings and events; instead the maximum size for gatherings established in the applicable cities and counties of the event, as well as any other federal and Commonwealth laws/policies/ordinances related to the pandemic and public health are expected to be followed.  The University’s policies related to face coverings and physical distancing guidelines continue to apply to all events operating under an exception.
    • Gatherings for religious services including, but not limited to, religious ceremonies.
    • Expressive activity on a public street, public sidewalk, in a public park subject to applicable laws/policies/ordinances.
      • “Expressive activity” is defined as a non-commercial activity in which a person intends to convey a lawful message through speech or conduct that is likely to be perceived as such by an observer of the speech or conduct, and includes any lawful public gathering, demonstration, procession, or parade in which the primary purpose is to exercise the rights of free speech or peaceable assembly.
    • Student events and gatherings that are sponsored by a university department are exempt and must be planned through the university department, following approved university guidelines.
    • Questions related to exceptions may be forwarded to ulife@gmu.edu
  • Together, our behavior keeps the Mason Nation healthy. If you know of an event or gathering that violates these restrictions, please contact ulife@gmu.edu

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