Room Request

Room Information

Room NumberRoom TypeRoom CapacityTechnologyRoom Furniture
SUB I, 3008Classroom Style25in-house projector and screen25 chairs, 2 tables
SUB I, 3309Meeting Room12none12 chairs, 4 tables
SUB I, 3311Classroom Style49in-house projector and screen49 chairs, 4 tables
SUB I, 3316Meeting Room8none8 chairs, 1 table
SUB I, 3317Meeting Room12none12 chairs, 4 tables
SUB I, 4205Meeting Room12none12 chairs, 4 tables
SUB I, 4210Meeting Room20in-house projector and screen20 chairs, 4 tables/2 half-moon tables



  • All Reservations request must be made via 25live.
  • Each University Life department must have at least one person with access to 25live. We recommend to have at least one other person as back-up as well.
  • To get access to 25live, you will need to attend a 25live training done Through Event Services office. Please contact University Events at 703-993-2853 or Samantha Price, Assistant Director of University Events at if you have any questions about the training.
  • University Life department staff members need a special access to see and reserve University Life Meeting rooms. If this is your first time reserving rooms in 25live, please contact Julio Diaz at in order to get access to University Life room reservation.
  • Upon submission of your 25live reservation request, a confirmation of your reservation will be sent via e-mail within 24 hours. If the reservation is denied, you will also receive an e-mail. Requests for specific rooms will be considered, but not guaranteed.


  • University Life Central Office does not offer room set ups for meetings. Please, plan to access your room with enough time to set it up yourself.
  • Furniture may be re-arranged within the room, but no additional furniture may be brought into the room, and no furniture may be removed from the room.
  • All furniture must be returned to its original configuration upon the conclusion of each meeting.
  • Some rooms are equipped with an in house projector and screen. If you are using the projector, you must turn off the equipment after you are done with your meeting.


  • During normal 9:00am – 5:00pm business hours, please contact Julio Diaz at (703)993-2884 should the room be locked.
  • If your reservation is outside the University Life Central business hours or if you need early access to a room, you must arrange to check out a key with University Life Central prior to your meeting.
  • If you do not check out a key before your event and your room is locked at the time you need to access it, you may contact the non-emergency campus police number in order to get your room opened. The Police Cadet will require to see your Mason staff ID before they can unlock the room for you.
  • If you check out a key, you must return the key immediately following your event during University Life Central business hours.


  • Priority will be given to University Life Departments.
  • Non-UL offices may request rooms no earlier than two weeks (14 days) prior to the event date by e-mailing University Life Central at
  • Student organizations whose advisors are UL staff members may reserve rooms and are given priority over Non-UL offices.


Julio Diaz
Administrative Assistant
University Life Central
Phone: 703-993-2884