Room Request

Room Information

Room NumberRoom TypeRoom CapacityTechnologyRoom Furniture
SUB I, 3008Classroom Style25in-house projector and screen25 chairs, 2 tables
SUB I, 3311Classroom Style49monitor, camera, and microphone49 chairs, 4 tables
SUB I, 4205Meeting Room12monitor, camera, and microphone12 chairs, 4 tables
SUB I, 4210Meeting Room20monitor, camera, and microphone20 chairs, 4 tables/2 half-moon tables



  • University Life rooms are for the use of University Life staff and faculty
  • All Reservations request must be made via 25live.
  • Each University Life unit must have at least one person with access to 25live. We recommend to have at least one other person as back-up as well.
  • To get access to 25live, you will need to attend a 25live training done Through Event Services office. Please contact University Events at 703-993-2853 or via e-mail at if you have any questions about the training.
  • University Life department staff members need a special access to see and reserve University Life Meeting rooms. If you are a University Life employee and this is your first time reserving rooms in 25live, please contact UL Central at in order to get access to University Life room reservation.
  • Upon submission of your 25live reservation request, a confirmation of your reservation will be sent via e-mail within 24 hours. If the reservation is denied, you will also receive an e-mail. Requests for specific rooms will be considered, but not guaranteed.


  • University Life Central Office does not offer room set ups for meetings. Please, plan to access your room with enough time to set it up yourself.
  • Furniture may be re-arranged within the room, but no additional furniture may be brought into the room, and no furniture may be removed from the room.
  • All furniture must be returned to its original configuration upon the conclusion of each meeting.
  • Some rooms are equipped with an in house projector and screen. If you are using the projector, you must turn off the equipment after you are done with your meeting.


  • During normal 9:00am – 5:00pm business hours, please contact University Life Central at (703)993-2884 should the room be locked.
  • If your reservation is outside the University Life Central business hours or if you need early access to a room, you must arrange to check out a key with University Life Central prior to your meeting.
  • If you do not check out a key before your event and your room is locked at the time you need to access it, you may contact the non-emergency campus police number in order to get your room opened. The Police Cadet will require to see your Mason staff ID before they can unlock the room for you.
  • If you check out a key, you must return the key immediately following your event during University Life Central business hours.


  • Priority will be given to University Life Departments.
  • Non-UL offices may request rooms no earlier than two weeks (14 days) prior to the event date by e-mailing University Life Central at
  • Student organizations whose advisors are UL staff members may reserve rooms and are given priority over Non-UL offices.


University Life Central
Phone: 703-993-2884