GMU Esports Expands and Becomes Part of Mason Student Involvement

GMU Esports is now a Departmental Student Organization. Previously existing as one of over 450 Registered Student Organizations, within this new structure, GMU Esports will be housed in the Student Involvement office (located in the Hub, Room 2300). The new space will provide gaming computers and space for teams to practice and compete in online competitions, as well as for the leadership team to work on creating and planning events and activities to increase student participation in the esports community at Mason.

GMU Esports, under Student Involvement, will also gain broadened funding and support, including a new Graduate Assistant position that will serve as an advisor alongside the Executive Director of Student Involvement. Both will take the lead in building the infrastructure for the department’s expansion. “Student Involvement and University Life are excited to expand esports gaming at Mason. We started with the GAMEmason annual gaming-con event and are looking forward to the increase in student engagement as the GMU Esports group grows. So far, the students have been amazing to work with,” Lauren Long, Executive Director of Student Involvement, said.

GMU Esports aims to bolster its top collegiate teams and players competing in League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and offer a year-round home for the greater esports community at GMU. Teams in other esports will be fielded as well, providing competitive opportunities for a variety of other games and will expand in accordance with student interest.

According to Peter Parker, Student President of GMU Esports, “With GMU Esports now becoming a part of Student Involvement, we’ll be able to provide support in the future to our top teams and players to be the best they can be, as well as create ways for students who are passionate about esports but don’t necessarily want to be top competitors a way to actively participate in other roles. With this new structure, we can begin developing new community events, and make mainstays like our Smash weekly even better.”

GMU Esports is set to formally launch in the Fall 2020 semester. More information regarding the program will be announced over the coming months. To stay updated on what’s happening, follow:

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