Help Mason Raise Money for Students in Need

Help The Students In Finacial Need

Did you know, 3 million students drop out of college for financial reasons every year due to a crisis of less than $500? At Mason, we are proud to be home to over 37,000 students from all socioeconomic backgrounds, many of whom face overwhelming financial obstacles while in school.  And when our students are in need, Mason Nation answers the call. That’s why University Life, College of Health and Human Services and the Schar School of Policy and Government are working together on Giving Day to secure donations that will address the immediate needs of Mason students.

Join us on Giving Day, April 2, and make a gift to the UL Student Emergency Assistance Fund which provides resources to students experiencing an unexpected crisis, whether that be related to food and housing insecurity or another financial challenge.

Together, let’s ensure that every student with the ability to succeed at Mason has the opportunity to do so.

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