President Washington on moving forward after last week’s election

Fellow Patriots:

We have just come through an historic election, which has taught us a great deal about ourselves and our society that we will spend time processing. As happens from time to time, America appears to have made history again: More Americans than ever voted, nearly 150 million in all, despite the onerous pandemic amid historic racial tensions. And, if the results we now see withstand the remainder of the vote count and anticipated challenges, we will have elected the oldest president in history, and the first-ever woman and person of color to the vice presidency.

In the coming days, the vote will be celebrated, vilified, analyzed, and challenged in court. The best course of action for all of us is to process this election peacefully, thoughtfully, respectfully, and patriotically.

So now, fellow Mason Patriots, it is time to do what this nation has done throughout our history: heal, come together as Americans, and participate in the process from here. As Mason Patriots, we now must work together to create a greater campus as part of a greater society. This is a jubilant time for those who supported the winners, and a difficult time for those who supported those who did not win. The best thing we can do is regard each other as fellow Americans, and fellow Patriots in every sense of the word.

Patriots, I am so proud of how you have participated in the process. Now, let’s move from today to tomorrow and beyond as we do best – together.

I look forward to working with you to support our society going forward!


Gregory Washington



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