Solidarity with our Mason Asian Community

Mason Nation,  

It has been an extraordinary academic year, one that has challenged all of us—students, faculty, and staff—to learn, teach, and work in ways we may never have expected.  Among the many things we now know about our community is that we can count on our support for each other and our resilience in the face of the unexpected.   

It is this support and resilience that we call on to address our commitment to each other and our community.  Many of you may be aware of a troubling increase around the United States in hate crimes against people of Asian descent.  We have not received reports of such incidents on our campuses, but when these types of hate crimes occur, they can make individuals feel unsafe, wherever they may be.  The recent incidents have been widely publicized, not only in the U.S, but also in Asia, the Pacific Islands, and other places around the world.  One important way to counter these reports is to act firmly against bias and hate. 

George Mason University affirms all students, faculty and staff of Asian descent, and we denounce anti-Asian rhetoric and lies that falsely attribute blame for COVID-19.  We have been, and are, a community that upholds all of our members – simply stated, you belong here and we support you.   

All members of Mason Nation are invited to read the statement by the Center for Culture, Equity and Empowerment to learn how you can support those of Asian descent.  Anyone who has witnessed or been the victim of bias may file a report at Mason’s Compliance, Diversity, and Ethics site We are committed to maintaining an environment that fosters learning, teaching, and the building of community where all can thrive.   

Rose Pascarell
Vice President for University Life

Dietra Y. Trent
Interim Vice President for Compliance, Diversity and Ethics, & Special Advisor to the President

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