Spring into Well-Being Week 2024: Blossoming into the best version of you

Photo by Evan Cantwell/Office of University Branding

By Bella Moncure, UL MarCom

George Mason University’s annual Spring into Well-Being week emphasizes well-being and happiness through diverse experiences. Mason will host its annual week promoting well-being from Monday, April 22, to Friday, April 26, featuring events designed to embrace individual and community well-being. Activities will include Stress Less FestMeditation on Wheels, the Graduate Student Picnic, and Mason Day, with many others in between. 

"Spring into Well-Being offers a week of recognition and events dedicated to delving into well-being, making it especially valuable for those new to the concept,” said Lewis E. Forrest II, associate dean for University Life. “It’s an opportunity to deepen understanding and cultivate a lasting impact on individuals within the Mason community.”

Meditation on Wheels is a new activity making its way to Mason’s Fairfax Campus this year. A meditation mobile unit, Meditation on Wheels aims to make meditation accessible and convenient to all persons, including those who may not have easy access to traditional meditation centers. This program highlights the importance of self-care and encouraging people to pause, breathe, and connect with themselves and others through meditation practice.

Well-being at Mason is defined as building a life of vitality, purpose, resilience, and engagement. The university works to nurture a culture where individuals are equipped with knowledge and skills essential for thriving beyond their time at Mason. Well-being is viewed as a multidimensional concept, encompassing physical, emotional, and social aspects, providing individuals with a sense of purpose, belonging, and fulfillment.

Spring into Well-Being will happen at Mason from April 22–26. Photo provided

“Mason’s goal is to ensure that every participant not only understands but also internalizes and implements the core concepts of well-being into their journey moving forward,” said Forrest, who has spearheaded the Spring into Well-Being program since 2015. Mason’s well-being leaders are committed to uplifting an environment that supports this goal by highlighting a wealth of on- and off-campus resources tailored to the Mason community throughout the week.

Kye Hopkins, a senior success coach and the 2024 co-chair for this year’s event, emphasized the impact of well-being initiatives, noting how Mason’s resources and support have helped him maintain balance and resilience.

"Spring into Well-Being Week is a key part of fostering a culture of self-care, support, and empowerment,” Hopkins said.

Through collaboration with the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, Mason aims to engage students, faculty, and staff in promoting a culture of wellness. The positivity around campus is inspiring, and Hopkins said he is eager to see the continued growth of well-being activities on campus.

Spring into Well-Being events are open to students, faculty, and staff. Photo provided

Activities like Spring into Well-Being enable the Mason Nation to celebrate its diverse culture and advance the mission of thriving together as a community. Whether participants are well-versed in well-being practices or just beginning their journey, the week serves as a reminder to prioritize well-being and take a step toward a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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