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 University Life is one of the largest employers of students at Mason with 1500+ positions available for undergraduate and graduate students! Whether you are looking for a position within the division or want to learn how your current position can help you to become career ready, we have you covered with the resources below. 

How do I find a student job within the division?

HireMason is Mason’s one stop shop for job and internship information. To access HireMason, visit, and login using your Patriot Pass Credentials. Once your HireMason profile is complete, you can click on the “On-Campus Jobs” link under the shortcuts menu.  In addition to HireMason, you can visit the webpage of the office you are interested in to see if they have any application information available. We encourage you to take advantage of the resume review and interview preparation  resources available at University Career Services to assist in making your application materials strong so you can put your best foot forward.

I was just hired into an office within the division, now what?

Working within University Life is a great first step in developing the skills employers are looking for. To make the most of your experience with us, we recommend you do the following. 

Attend  a Welcome to University Life  Session

Becoming a member of the University Life family can have a positive impact on your future at Mason and beyond. Come out to our “Welcome to University Life: Student Employees Session” to hear about all of the ways we can support you in your role, and meet with other students who also work for the division. At the end of the session, you will walk away with more information about the skills you will develop in your position, an opportunity to improve your customer service or time management skills, information about resources that the division can provide you with and possibly a few new friends.

Undergraduate Students: Fall Dates Coming Soon!


Graduate Students: Fall Dates Coming Soon!


Participate in the Student Employee Workshop Series
Being a student employee allows you to develop the 7 career readiness competencies Mason employers are seeking. The Student Employee Workshop series will address  these competencies so you can be prepared to talk about how your student employment experience has prepared you for life after Mason. Check out this year’s lineup below and sign up for one of the workshops today!

Strengths: Discovering and Using your Top 5
Attend this highly interactive workshop to learn about your top talents and strengths!

2/24 @ 2p.m.,  HUB 2400, Register-

What Would You Do? Making Tough Ethical Choices
What questions would you consider when trying to decide what to do? Consider the following… Would you speak up if you heard someone that you do not know make an offensive ethnic slur? Would you tell a friend that you discovered that their partner is cheating on them if you are also friends with the person doing the cheating? How do you decide what’s best? During this interactive workshop you will engage in activities designed to uncover the pros and cons of the ethical approaches you are already using. You will also learn about other helpful approaches. Practical resources for making difficult choices will be provided.

3/3 @ 2p.m.,  HUB 2400, Register

Overcoming Procrastination
Do you find yourself constantly putting off projects, assignments, or commitments?  You may be caught in the “not now, later” trap.  Overcome this difficulty by discovering what makes you procrastinate.

3/20 @ 3 p.m., SUB I, Suite 3129.

Marketing your student employee experience
You  developed many of the skills employers are looking for through your on-campus job but do you know how to market those skills on your resume or in an interview? In this session you will learn about the top seven skills employers  seek in recent college graduates  and we will discuss how to showcase those skills during your job search.

4/5@ 3 p.m., SUB 1, 3400, Register-

How to Navigate Conflict in the Workplace
Did you know that conflict in the workplace can lead to positive results if you know how to navigate it effectively? Come to this interactive workshop to learn tips and techniques for proactively addressing conflict in your workplace so you can begin to better relate to your team members in the future!
4/12 @ 3p.m., SUB 1, 3400 Register-

If  the workshop series doesn’t align with your schedule, consider checking out these online videos from to help you build your skills in your role.  To access these videos, select “Log-in” in the upper right corner,  then select “Sign in with Your Organization” and enter “”. You will be prompted  to enter your Patriot Pass credentials  to view the material.  

Oral/Written Communication


Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

Information Technology Application


Professionalism/Work Ethic

Career Management


Sign up for the Patriot Experience

University Life’s Patriot Experience provides the framework for a co-curricular learning model that provides students with opportunities to deepen their Mason experience and enhance their classroom, co-curricular, and experiential learning. By joining the Patriot Experience, you are able to capture you involvement around four co-curricular areas, resulting in a comprehensive record of your learning in these areas.

  • Career Readiness
  • Civic Learning and Community Engagement
  • Global and Multicultural Competency
  • Well-Being


For more information, visit The Patriot Experience.


Mark your calendar for National Student Employment Week -April 10th -14th

National Student Employment week is an annual event to honor all of the contributions of our student employees. The week feature a mix of professional and fun events designed to celebrate our student employees. Stay tuned for next year’s lineup of events.