TEDxGeorgeMasonU Conference Set for April 16

The TEDxGeorgeMasonU Conference, which will follow the theme “The New Normal”, is scheduled for to run from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. this Friday, April 16, on Zoom. A student planning team in University Life organized the event which includes the following speakers and topics:
  • How Better Listening Transformed Mason’s Recruitment Marketing Strategy: Caitlin Shear
  • What Went Wrong?: Dr. Malda Kocache
  • Diversity in Art: CJ Davis
  • Pandemic Life Lessons from a Latter-day NES Dev: Robbie Dieterich
  • The Parallel Pandemic Project: The Tale of COVID-19 in Two Countries: Dr. James Witte
  • Unnormalizing Racism Toward Asian Americans: Sophia Nguyen
  • Teaching in the Time of COVID-19: Dr. Lila Fleming
  • Aging, Death, and Dying in the Post-Pandemic World: Dr. Cortney Hughes Rinker
  • Mental Health in the New Normal: Shaping Our COVID Narratives: Dr. Rachel Wernicke
To see the full schedule, click here. To join the Zoom meeting, click here. (Meeting ID: 948 5250 0097; Passcode: newidea).

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