Tragedies at UVA and University of Idaho

Ariel view of University Hall

Fellow Patriots:

Today we are reeling from two tragedies at other universities – the overnight murders of three at the University of Virginia, and the apparent murders of four University of Idaho students.

We stand in solidarity and grief with our fellow students, faculty, and staff from UVA and Idaho. On behalf of a deeply saddened university community, I offer our collective condolences and support to both communities.

At UVA, we know that gun violence has once again invaded the sanctity of a university community, taking three lives and injuring two. The depths of these tragedies are always immeasurable, and they are compounded when they occur within a fellow university community so close to us.

I have reached out to my colleague and friend, UVA President James Ryan, to offer my condolences, support, and any assistance that his community might find helpful. Members of my team are reaching out to their counterparts with the same offer.

For the Mason community, I offer assurance that we are constantly working to prevent and, if necessary, respond quickly to such tragedies. We have the protection and support of campus, local, and regional law enforcement, emergency response protocols that we have practiced, and an array of support services readily available to those in need. If you have not already done so, please take a moment to register for Mason AlertActive Threat Training ,and review our Active Threat Preparedness Resources.

Today, UVA and Idaho face a tough road ahead to heal and regain the normalcy that has been taken from them. I ask everyone in Mason Nation to hold them in your hearts. Look for opportunities to support your friends or family who are connected to those communities.

Today, we are all Hoos in spirit.



Gregory Washington


Posted in Official University Communications.