University Life Diversity Student Advisory Board (ULSDAB)

Throughout the 2015-2016 Academic Year, a number of students expressed a strong desire to be more involved in University Life (UL). The leadership heard both the requests and sense of  commitment in their voices and plans to communicate in a timely manner with students moving forward.

In response to these requests for more input and involvement, a UL Diversity Student Advisory Board was established specifically targeting the areas of diversity and inclusion. Dr. Crear, Associate Dean for University Life, began convening this group during the fall of 2016. Currently, the board consists of 10 student members who are motivated to play a vital role in improving diversity initiatives and refining learning opportunities. The Board serves as a strong student voice in the conversation that helps to shape the way students learn and engage in diversity at Mason.

Key topics that may be addressed by the UL Diversity Student Advisory Board:
~New programs/offices and expansion of existing programs/offices
~Cultural competency of students and faculty
~Bias incident reporting process
~Campus climate and dynamics