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Rose Pascarell, Vice President for University Life

Dear students, 

As the crisis in the Middle East continues to unfold each day, I want you to know that Mason and University Life are here to support you.  

The Office of International Programs and Services has reached out individually to students with home addresses of record in the region. However, we know there are many students with addresses outside of the region who are also directly impacted, so we are working with community centers and other campus organizations to reach as many students as possible.  

I want to remind you of the support that is available to you: 

 If you are experiencing mental health concerns, I encourage you to reach out to CAPS or to use TimelyCare.  

If you are not using TimelyCare now, I hope you will download the app and register today. TimelyCare’s TalkNow service can provide you with immediate emotional support without engaging in therapy.  TimelyCare’s other features, including health coaching and self-help tools, can support your physical and mental well-being.

In addition, University Life is now offering individual Compassionate Listening Spaces. These are in-person conversations with Mason staff members who can provide you with compassionate support through careful listening.  This is not a therapeutic service and is not meant to replace therapy. It will provide you with a private opportunity to be heard. If you are interested, please call us (703-993-2884) to schedule a support meeting.  

I hope you reflect on what you need at this moment, take good care of yourself, and connect with any of these resources and supports. 

Rose Pascarell
Vice President for University Life 

Compassionate Listening Spaces FAQs

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