Parents Fund

The Parents Fund raises money that directly benefits the lives of current students and enhances their academic and co-curricular experience at Mason. Funds raised are used to support strategic initiatives within university/student life and partner offices that provide direct student support services. Parents and families of current students will be contacted annually and are encouraged to participate through financial giving.

Funding Priorities
The Parents Fund seeks to support initiatives with the direct goal of increasing student success through the provision of direct support services. Funds will be awarded to initiatives that meet the following characteristics:

  1. Provide direct student support services including but not limited to: mentoring, coaching, advising, or other student interaction-based initiatives
  2. Increase retention and timely degree completion
  3. Demonstrate financial need
  4. Result in measurable outcomes (defined and assessed by requestor)

To see a list of programs or initiatives that have received funding from the Parents Fund, please click here.

Please note the following when submitting your request:

  1. Funding requests for student, faculty, or staff stipends will not be considered.
  2. The maximum award amount for student scholarships is $500 per student.
  3. Repeat requests that have been previously funded by the Parents Fund will be considered, but new requests will be given priority as limited funding is available.
  4. The maximum amount that can be requested is $10,000.

Allocation Process
The Parents Fund will accept one-time funding requests from directors within University Life as well as from partner offices across the university. Funds will be allocated once each semester, including fall, spring, and summer, on the following schedule:

  • Spring request deadline: April 1
  • Summer request deadline: August 1
  • Fall request deadline: December 1

Within one month of the allocation deadline requestors will be notified of the outcome.  The following request form and budget template will be available year-round for those interested in submitting a request for funds.

Parents Fund request form

Parents Fund grant budget template

Reimbursement/Disbursement Process
Funds awarded will be available for immediate use and must be used by the close of the fiscal year in which they were awarded (June 30).  A reimbursement or disbursement report (which report is used depends on the nature of the request) must be submitted within six weeks of funds being spent or disbursed. Submitting the reimbursement or disbursement report will initiate the transfer of funds.

Parents Fund Reimbursement Report
Parents Fund Disbursement Report (this form is to be used for scholarship requests only)

Questions regarding the Parents Fund allocation process can be directed to Kaitlin Cicchetti, Director of Advancement for University Life, at

Allocation Committee
Rose Pascarell, Vice President for University Life
Sally Lorentson, Associate Dean, University Life
Amy Snyder, Director of Special Projects, University Life
Kaitlin Cicchetti, Director, University Life Advancement
William Ayrea, Director, Annual Giving
Rebecca McCrory, Associate Director of Family Programs
Parent and Family Council representative
Student Government Representative