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Homecoming theory…

Homecoming at Mason is decidedly untraditional. Our transformation from understated to alive and unconventional occurred only in very recent years, and the event now spans a variety of days throughout the week. Many of the festivities are led directly by students. The community at George Mason has diversified into an array of backgrounds that are often underrepresented at other universities. As Mason’s populations have changed, so have its customs. A common assumption is that homecoming at the university is geared towards a traditional audience—that freshmen and the uninitiated are the ones for whom the fun occurs exclusively. We are proud… Read more

A Team That Eats Together… Succeeds Together?

A Team That Eats Together… Succeeds Together? My name is Jasmine S. Jackson, University Career Services Peer Career Advisor and Mason student. I’ve been here as a peer career advisor for two years. I’ve seen a lot of changes. We’ve added many new staff members, introduced a new operating model, had an office makeover, and introduced a new flavorful tradition. I think Christine Cruzvergara, Director of UCS, summarizes it well: “Our major shift to an industry model and our focus on being customized connectors has resulted in amazing relationships with our students, employers, alumni, and campus partners. Over the past… Read more

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