Patriot Gatherings Spaces

Patriot gathering spaces to support and connect for well-being needs

In the event of a tragedy or impactful event, the Patriot Community Gathering Spaces will activate to provide open spaces to gather, connect, and attend to our community’s mental health and Well-Being needs. These organized support spaces will be available to students and the Mason community.

Contact info:

Lewis Forrest – Associate Dean, University Life | – (703) 993 – 5051

Gathering Space Details:

When the Community Gathering Spaces are activated, we will post the details of locations and resources on Mason360 when confirmed. Those details will be available below, as well as on the Mason360 “Community Gathering Spaces” group page.

These spaces will offer the following types of support and resources:

Image representing a community, get-together for well-being activities

Designed for students to come together to be in the community and participate in Well-Being Activities (Coloring, Rock Painting, Arts/crafts, writing supportive messages).

Queit space to indulge in self

For personal reflection, meditation, prayer, and decompression.

Reflection, Facilitated space to open up

Facilitated spaces to be in dialog and share.

Additional Well-being Resources:

  • BurnAlong |
    • With BurnAlong you can access virtual classes whenever you want – whether in the office, at home, or on the road. Workouts range from 3 minutes to more than 60, and include mindfulness, cardio, strength training, yoga, Barre, Pilates and more!
  • Thriving Together |
    • The perfect place to find a wide range of Mason resources, all designed to improve your well-being and overall mental health.
  • Mason Chooses Kindness |
    • The goal of MCK is to ensure that there are ongoing activities/ resources for our Mason students, faculty/staff, alumni and community to explore, engage in, and most of all, opportunities to spread kindness.